About Okido Yoga

Okido Yoga is a practice method for Hatha Yoga created by the Japanese master Masahiro Oki (1921-1985). Master Oki developed the concept of the Natural Body. Oki identified natural posture, breathing and diet as the fundamentals for the Natural Body. Through the Natural Body we encounter and connect to our Life Force which connects us to the Universe, physically and spiritually.

True practice Hatha Yoga asana’s is possible when we work from the natural posture. The energetic effect of the asana’s manifests itself when performed from the natural posture.

In modern societies, due to the general life-style, most people have lost the natural posture and connection to the Natural Body.


Master Oki developed specific corrective exercises for improving posture alignment and developing the Hara, the centre of gravity. Through these preparatory and accompanying exercises, Okido yoga gives a deep and intense practice of classical Hatha Yoga asana’s. It connects to Zen meditation and puts emphasis on breathing patterns and is hence also called Dynamic Zen Yoga.

Okido Yoga is recommended for people looking for a comprehensive yoga approach that enhances their physical and mental condition in daily life.